Dr. Amanda Korkow is an industry leading Veterinarian with the right knowledge, attitude and equipment to get your furry friend back in business!

Tender Hearts

Veterinary Center
1208 West A St. North Platte, Nebraska
Tender Hearts Veterinary Center
Tender Hearts strives to provide compassionate, quality medical care.  We look forward to strengthening the bond between you and your pet.
Top of the Line Equipment
Dental Exams and Care
Routine Care
Routine care, including wellness exams and vaccinations are key to keeping your pet happy and healthy.   We will be introducing Fear-Free practices to keep your pet calm and relaxed for their visit.
State of the art equipment allows us to evaluate, monitor, and keep your pets in the best health.  We offer digital X-ray, digital dental X-ray, in house blood machines, blood pressure monitoring, and ECG monitoring.
Routine dental care is important for your pets' overall health status. We offer complete dental screenings including digital dental x-rays, teeth cleaning and polishing, and extractions. 
Orthopedic Surgery
House Calls
Acupuncture can be used to reduce pain, help improve mobility, encourage faster healing, and may even help unwanted behaviors. Acupuncture has been around for centuries and my be an alternative treatment option for your pet.  We will be offering acupuncture in January.
Orthopedics allows for evaluation and surgical repair or correction of bones and joint structures. Our digital x-ray provides great views of both bones and other body structures.
We offer in home care of your animals.  Anything from routine vaccinations to examinations of sick pets.  We will also do in home nail trims.  We do this to try and reduce the stress and anxiety pets have when coming to the vet.  Call us today with questions you may have.
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